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for July 27, 2005

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Elaislate again
Elais*bangs head*
MattHI forgive you ;-)
Elaishear about James M being Brainiac on Smallville?
MattHYep....looks like they are going with the classic version of Brainiac, too.
MattHI.e. not Brainiac being the Krypton planetary computer.
Elaissince they have JM playing Milton Fine
Elaiswill 'Brainiac' be downloaded into his brain?
MattHFrom the spoilers I've read, yep.
MattHI'm just wondering if we get to see the Fortress of Solitude...
Elaisis that kryptonian knowledge, then?
MattHDunno...the spoilers I read say Brainiace is Viril Dox from Colou (sp)....not Krypton.
Elaissome rival planet then?
MattHHmmm....I don't know that Krypton and Colou ever had had contact....
Elaisthe reason I'm asking is that it appears Milton/Braniac/Dox knows about Clark
MattHBrainiac did spend time scouring the galaxy for knowledge. Plus, I always got the impression that in galactic circles Krypton was rather famous (and perhaps feared).
ElaisI'm just glad they aren't doing the green braniac
MattHEh...I kind of liked the green brainiac, although I preferred the silver, skeletal version.
ElaisI was just about to give up on Smallville
Elaisnow I'll have to stick around to see James
ElaisI prefer my James his natural skin ;)
MattHJust when you thought you were going to get away....
Elaisyou're in san diego right?
MattHLucky you....
MattHAbout 2-3 hours north of San Diego
Elaishow is that new mayor doing?
MattHSan Diego? I don't even know who won...
MattHOr do you mean Villaragosa?
MattHCause he it pretty much like Hahn, but he can speak Spanish.
MattHBoth are crooks....
ElaisI thought LA just voted for a new mayor
Elaisthey all seem to be crooks in San Diego
MattHA months or so ago...that was Villaragosa(sp)
MattHYeah...San Diego has its fair share of crooks.
MattHThey are having major financial difficulties, too.
Elaisarnie doesn't seem to be doing too well
MattHDepends...the redistriciting proposal was tossed out by a judge, due to some wording issues, but I expect it will get back on the ballot in the appeals process.
Elaisthis balloting stuff seems to be a pain the neck
MattHYeah...but the CA legislature is even more of a pain.
Elaisstill enjoy living there?
MattHIt has its advantages, but I have wanted to escape from CA for some time.
Elaiswhere would you like to go?
MattHAway from the coasts...preferrably some place where the cost of living is actually reasonable.
ElaisI wouldn't recommend moving to South Dakota
MattHI wasn't really thinking about it....more like Texas or Arizona.
ElaisI know a few people in Texas
Elaisthey seem to like it there
MattHI'd actually like to be able to buy a place to live someday, and I just can't see that happening in CA.
ElaisI might ask my friends about the cost of living in Texas
Elaisthey are from different areas of Texas
MattHIt does depend where in Texas, also.
ElaisI think Arizona might be a bad place to live because of the heat during summer
MattHThat is what air conditioning is for. Texas is hot, too. It was about 100 degrees when I went back to Dallas.
Elaisyeah, but people are dying in Arizona from the heat
MattHPeople died in France from the heat too - it just depends on the precautions one takes.
Elaisokay, I asked my friends about the cost of living
Elaiswill forward any responses I get to you
Elais"it's better than California"
Elaisand suggested googling 'cost of living Texas'
Elaisnot particularly helpful :)
MattHWell...I already knew about the lack of the income tax. it says my net disposable income would be essentially $6,700 higher than in LA.
MattHFor Dallas, anyway.
MattHA little better than Phoenix , AZ
ElaisI have one or two friends from Houston
Elaiswhat's a petroglyph?
MattHA symbol or picture drawn on a rock, often referring to prehistoric days.
Elaischatting with someone who was looking for free petroglyph pictures
Elaisnot really
Elaisshe wants it for a brochure on violence prevention
Elaisshe's from hawaii
ElaisI don't think she'll have problems find that kind of stuff on the net
MattHGoogle Images...
ElaisI've often wondered how people survived without a computer
MattHI remember was horrible...simply horrible
MattHYep - Petroglyph in Google Images gives 11,000 results.
ElaisI was reading your D&D blog
Elaisit looks like you guys are on a roll
MattHI haven't gotten around to putting up last Saturday's summary....the party spent 2 1/2 hours trying to figure out how to divide up their treasure, so not much else happened.
MattHAlthough there was a really funny encounter with an ogre.
Elaisthose wacky ogres
MattHI did the caveman routine - "Grod want to eat mule. Give mule to Grod or Grod bash in head".
MattHDJ, who players the fighter Bran (pronounced Brawn) replied with something like, "Bran no let Grod have mule". Everyone was laughing their asses off.
Elaiswho knew D&D games could bring on the funny
MattHMost people who have played them....
ElaisI sure didn't, but then I've never played D&D
ElaisI am enjoying the order of the stick though
ElaisI'm almost halfway through the strips
MattHThat is actually a pretty good representation of what a lot of games are like, although the OotS is fairly high level.
Elaisit's very good, but it looks like the creator is having a few problems recently
MattHYep - first the wrist thing and now his mysterious fainting spell.
Elaisone the one hand I'm curious as to what was wrong
MattHHe isn't saying....
Elaisbut I'm not sure I want to hear gross medical details
MattHI was just reading his incentives pages ... full of bad D&D puns/cartoons....
Elaisalmost 10 pm
Elaiswhere the incentives page?
MattHAnyway....time for me to go...I am glad you could make it.
MattHCYA Next week
Elaissee ya matt
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