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for August 3, 2005

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MattHHiya CM
Elaisheyas Matt
MattHSorry I'm late - lost a filling, so it was replaced.
MattHPlus my nightguard didn't fit, so they had to take another mold (which they did twice)
Elaishope they did that for free
Elaiswatching David Boreanaz's Wicked Prayer
MattHThat one of the Crow movies?
Elaisunfortunately, it is almost a parody
MattHNot that good, then...
Elaisyou do get shirtless David B
MattHDoesn't do much for me, I'm afraid.
Elaisand it doesn't really do it for me either
Elaisthe movie is over thank god
MattHDid you rent it? Or was it on cable?
ElaisDavid should be thankful this movie never got into the theaters
Elaisit just came out on dvd
MattHAh...maybe you can return it.
ElaisI didn't buy it
ElaisI rented it engaged in shoplifting? ;-)
Elaisyou couldn't pay me to buy the movie
Elaisare you done with the dental work for the time being?
MattHKind of - I have a follow up appointment in two weeks, just to get my nightguard and to see how well the gum disease prevention program is working.
MattHKind of complicated - they gave me a whole bag of stuff today - mechanical and electric toothbrushes, two types of mouth rinse and three different kinds of toothpaste.
ElaisI didn't get anything from my dentist, other than an appointment in September
MattHDo you have gum disease?
Elaisdon't think so
Elaisthe dentist did seem to indicate I had any
ElaisI do use a rinse though
MattHThen you wouldn't need the program.
MattHMine isn't too bad - this is just to prevent it from getting worse.
Elaisreading the latest D&D campaign on your website
Elaisis there a reason that the dates is 2004?
MattHNot much happened last session.
MattHIt is...crud...
MattHmeans I need to fix it.
Elaisit is 2005 at the top
Elaisbut the campaign themselves are 2004
MattHToo much cutting and pasting.
MattHOk - it's fixed
MattHThanks for letting me know.
Elaisare the changes immediate?
MattHYou'd need to refresh the site.
Elaisah..there we go
Elaisfor some reason it wasn't refreshing when I was using internet explorer
Elaisbut it is ok in firefox
MattHHmm..must be the cache settings...or the fact that IE is a piece of cr**
Elaishow is work?
MattHPretty good...still somewhat slow, but it is picking up.
Elaisstill slow here
Elaisbut it does give me a bit of time to surf the net
MattHThere is only so much of that that one can do...
Elaiswe've been raiding the other departments for stuff to do
ElaisI spent time today cutting paper
MattHHmm...not good....if you don't have enough to do, it is possible that the higher-ups will think that there are too many of you...
MattHCuttng paper?>
Elaisyeah, on one of those big paper cutters
Elaisthere is only six of us, plus the boss
MattHSo why were you cutting paper?
Elaisnot much we can do about it
ElaisI don't know
Elaisone of the supervisors wanted a stack of outdated letterhead paper cut into two
Elaispresumbably for 'scratch' paper
MattHDefinitely sounds like make-work
Elaisshe did seem to think it was useful
ElaisI just read the latest spoilers for Smallville
MattHI haven't kept up - although I have read a couple of spoilers for BSG.
Elaisit seems like in one of the scenes, Milton Fine 'merges' with the black spaceship that crashed in the finale last season
ElaisBSG is still good, I'm hoping to see an ep where no-one dies sometime in the future
MattHI finally watched the first 3 eps for this seems to be progressing slowly.
ElaisI wish they ramp up that 'Arrow of Apollo' thing soon
MattHYeah...that group is still on Caprica....Adama is still out of just seems like a slow slog.
Elaisdon't know whether to feel pity or hatred for Tigh
MattHI'm leaning towards pity...and I am really beginning to dislike Starbuck...
Elaisthey haven't given her much to do so far
MattHI don't know - she has had a lot more to do than Apollo, for example. She is just real annoying when she does anything.
ElaisI wonder if they'll have the President get a miracle cure
MattHDoubt it - according to the prophecies, she dies, IIRC.
Elaishate to lose her, though
MattHYeah - she is an interesting character
ElaisBaltar would become President, then
MattHNow that would be interesting - he is definitely the strangest person on the show.
ElaisI think Richard Hatch might be back
MattHI expect so - rumor has it that the Pegasus will show up later in the season.
Elaisyeah, I'm a bit confused about that
MattHI always felt that having it show up kind of throws the "last battlestar" thing out the window.
Elaishow did pegasus feature in the original?
MattHShowed up towards the end of the 1st season, help fight the Cyclons...didn't really do much more than that, although the Captain was much different than Adama...I don't recall much.
MattHI don't recall whether it was destroyed or vanished...
Elaisthen there are a lot of ways they could go with this on the new series
ElaisI'm thinking that there will be a disagreement between Pegasus and Galatica
MattHYeah...the plot is pretty different from the original
ElaisPegasus wanting to find a new planet to colonize
MattHThere was major disagreement between the two....
MattHAnd I think the search for Earth was the issue.
ElaisI wonder if they will actually reach Earth at the end of the season?
MattHHmmm...I don't think so. The original reached earth in the second series, but then really didn't do much.
Elaisyeah, what can you really do once you reach Earth?
MattHLead the cylons there...
MattHCould be interesting if they were to arrive, in say, 500 years from now....
MattHOr 500 years ago...
Elaisthat would be baaaad
ElaisI think they are better off not finding Earth
Elaisor finding Earth and discovering that everyone there is dead
MattHOr if it were could be the basis for Earth legends...about a war in the heavens
Elaisanyhow, the Earth stuff might be a long way off
MattHYeah, especially if ratings stay high...
ElaisI think they are splitting the season
Elaisfrom what I understand, half the eps will be airing next year
MattHHmmm...then I expect the Pegasus will show up at the end of the last show before next year.
Elaisthat will be a pretty good cliffhanger
MattHYeah...but predicable.
Elaisbut probably only to the people who saw the original BSG
MattHHmm...I keep forgetting that not many did...or it would have lasted longer
ElaisI think cult fans tend to forget they are cult fans *g*
MattHI wasn't a big fan...there just wasn't much SF on TV back then
Elaisprobably not
MattHBuck Rogers was the competition, IIRC.
Elaisah, twiki!
MattHHeh...what I liked about the show was Erin Grey...
ElaisI liked Hawk
Elaisdon't think I cared much for any of the guys on BSB
Elaismight have been too young to appreciate them though. ;)
MattHOk - I was wondering what show you were referring to.
MattHI definitely recall that the girls were cute...but definitely 70s...
MattHGrace Park is much better looking.
Elaiswhich one was she?
Elaisoh, the current Boomer
Elaisokay, 10 pm
MattHYep...time to be going..
ElaisI'd better get going Matt
MattHCYA next week
Elaissee you next week!
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