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for August 10, 2005

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Elaishi matt
MattHHiya CM
MattHSo what's up?
Elaisnot much
ElaisI made a pretty much last minute decision to go to a con in Toronto
ElaisJames Marsters will be there, of course
MattHSo which con and when?
Elaishang on a sec
Elaiscan't cut and paste
MattHYou must have had a hard time with Kindergarten then....
ElaisI had to hand type that, I hope it works
MattHElijah Wood, James Marsters, Kevin Sorbo...J Michael Straczynski....quite the lineup.
MattHCouldn't you copy it from the address bar?
ElaisI copied it from the address bar
Elaisbut I can't paste into here
MattHHmmm....strange cut'n'paste didn't work...
ElaisI'm not really interested in Elijah Wood
ElaisI think Adam Baldwin is gonna be there
MattHHe was on the list I saw
ElaisI need to see when and where he's gonna be at
ElaisI might be getting a Serenity movie poster that I can have him sign
MattHOh ... that'd be neat.
Elaisyeah...hope I get it in time
Elaisanyhow, I be cringing at my credit card bill for a while
MattHYeah - I thought you were con-free at the moment...
ElaisI couldn't pass this up
Elaisand I cancelled a warranty on my car and got the refund check last week
ElaisI'm not too worried, it will just take a lot longer to pay the card off
MattHYou cancelled the warranty on your car to go to a con?
Elaisit was an extended warranty
Elaiswasn't getting much use out of it
ElaisI have a 1998 Toyota Camry that is pretty darn nice
Elaiswhich reminds me, I better take it in for an oil change soon
MattHI am do for the six-month service on my car, but I have been putting it off, as I have barely driven it since the last one.
ElaisI don't do much driving with my car outside of the daily commute and occasional 20-minute trip to visit my mom
ElaisI figured I could risk dropping the warranty
Elaisnever had it on the cars I had before
MattHSince I've only had the one car, and it was 7 years old when I bought it, I've never had an extended warranty...or any kind of warranty, for that matter ;-)
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Elaissorry about that
Elaismy computer froze and I had to reboot
MattHWindows 98, right?
Elaiswe got new computers at work
Elaisand it runs XP
MattHI remember freeze's like that.
Elaisthey don't happen often, thank goodness
ElaisI'm still a bit nervous about the computer
MattHWhile I have some hardware problems, Win2000 has been much more stable than Win98/85 ever was.
ElaisI still have that old Win95 computer, should this one crash again
Elaiswork is still as boring as usual
MattHWork has picked up quite a bit for me, with no end in site.
Elaishappy or sad about that?
MattHMixed...I have picked up a fair amount of the local work done by a coworker in Texas; I am unsure what exactly it entails or how prepared I am.
Elaisso you have to figure it out on your own?
MattHIn part...I can still call the coworker; she has moved over to IT, but I am still the one responsible in the end.
MattHMy boss isn't too thrilled either; she wasn't consulted.
MattHFor this company, yes.
ElaisI'm sure you'll do fine
MattHProbably; I just *hate* to be taken by surprise.
ElaisI'm sort of used to it at work
MattHWe have a lot of new projects coming on board, and we will be bidding on a *huge* one. I really don't know what we will do if we get it.
Elaisyou'll be swamped?
MattHMore like under 6000 feet of water. The new project would have work for 10-15 people. There are two of us.
Elaiswill you be hiring? ;)
MattHProbably...but considering how long it took them to get me on board, I don't see how we could ramp up that quickly.
ElaisI can wait ;)
MattHNot happy at the current job (other than being bored)?
Elaisthe job is just fine
Elaisnot the most exciting job in the world
Elaisdon't have any complaints about it, but I can't exactly rave about it either!
Elaishows the D&D?
MattHPretty good..may be getting a new player. I haven't gotten around to doing last weekends writeup - been too tire from work.
MattHYeah...I hope to get to it tomorrow or Friday.
Elaiswhat kind of hours are you working now?
MattHSame hours....just more work to fit in them...I haven't had any time for the side projects I had been working on (which were both fun and energizing)
Elaisthat's too bad
Elaisand it not gonna let up anytime soon, is it?
MattHDoubtful - my boss was travelling this entire week. She'll be back Friday and I expect a great deal more to do from it.
MattHAt least I'll be too busy to be bored.
Elaisthere are days I wish I was too busy to be bored
Elaisbut then I would probably long for being bored
MattHThat is pretty much the way it works.
Elaisit's a vicious cycle
MattHYep. Beats being unemployed, though.
Elaiskeep me posted on that big project you guys are bidding on
Elaisit sounds interesting
MattHNot really...just big.
MattHSo how you liking BSG so far this season?
ElaisI'm enjoying it very much
Elaisalthough I wouldn't mind an upbeat ep now
MattHIt has been rather a downer so far, hasn't it.
Elaisthey just pile on misery, don't they?
Elaisat least they introduced some surivors on Caprica
MattHYeah...I doubt they ever find Earth.
Elaisthat might be next season
MattHIf they do, it will be right before they are all killed, and in doing so, they'll lead the Cylons straight to us.
Elaissuprised they offed one of the Boomers
MattHYeah...that was a little surprising. I just wonder how they are going to bring back the one on Caprica.
Elaiswe don't know what has happened to her
Elaisshe stole Starbuck's ride and that was it
MattHYep....I can't think that we will *never* see her again...too much invested there. On the other hand, she is a Cylon and everyone now knows it.
ElaisI'm thinking the other Boomer will show up on Galatica, pregnant
MattHYeah...but everyone will realize she is a Cylon...
Elaisbut then there is that baby
MattHYep - that she up the angst level.
Elaisit would fit that baby vision that Six has been giving Baltar
MattHYeah...there was a miracle child in the first series too. I don't recall the details, but there was something about Starbuck and a Cylon being stranded on a deserted planet.
ElaisStarbuck looked like she was hot to trot after that pyramid game
MattHI still can't stand this charisma at all.
ElaisI don't mind her
Elaisbut that she seems to be an expert on everything is annoying
MattHShe has lousy taste in men, too. I mean, Baltar? Ugh.
ElaisI like Baltar, but yes, ugh to him and Starbuck
ElaisI hear they are going to run about half the eps and then air the remaining eps early next year
MattHJust like Stargate
Elaiswatched my first Atlantis ep last week
MattHIt hasn't been that great this season.
MattHDid you know that someone did an animated video to the song "Star Trekkin'"
Elaisthis was that ep where the woman was inside McKay's body?
MattHThat was ok...not so hot.
Elaisdidn't know there was a song called 'Star Trekkin'
MattHFunny song...not so sure about the video.
ElaisI know there is a lot of McKay/Sheppard slash
Elaisbut i'm not seeing the subtext on the show yet
MattHHmm...I don't see it at all. I could see Sheppard/Weir though.
MattHAnyway, I need to be going...I here my bed calling me...
Elaisgood night Matt
Elaissee you next week
MattHCYA Next week
Elaisand keep me updated on that big project!
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