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for August 17, 2005

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Elaishey matt
MattHHiya CM
Elaischat might be a bit short tonight
Elaisthere is a local vigil being held in honor of Cindy Sheehan downtown
ElaisI might put in a token appearance
Elaiswhat did you think of 'The Farm' ep of BSG?
MattHI skimmed through it...I thought the doctor was a cylon from the beginning.
ElaisI didn't catch on very quickly
MattHI was really suspiscious when he did his gynecologist impression. Plus saying that he had some 200+ patients....
ElaisI still don't quite know what they were doing hooking up the women
Elaiswere they incubators?
MattHPossibly...I can't see why the cylons would need to harvest human ovaries.
Elaispresumably Boomer is pregnant
Elaiswhy aren't the guys being hooked up for their sperm?
MattHThat's my guess.
MattHYou only need one or the other for genetic diversity...sperm would actually be much better. Easier to collect and storage is very simple.
Elaisthey mentioned Starbuck was special
Elaisbut a human woman and a male Cylon?
MattHYes...people with zero charisma are *very* rare.
Elaisany news on that bid your company put in?
MattHIt hasn't been put in yet...the RFP response is due Sept 2.
Elaisstill swamped with work?
MattHIt was slow today, but stuff came in just as I left...I expect to be really busy tomorrow.
Elaiswe have a co-worker who will be leaving
ElaisI'm hoping to some of her workload will end up on my desk
Elaisi've been uber bored lately
MattHI can guess.
MattHMaybe they'll replace her... ;-)
Elaisfat chance ;)
ElaisI rarely seen them hire replacements when someone leaves voluntarily
MattHOnly when they terminate someone?
Elaisonly for certain positions
Elaislike collections or customer service
Elaiswhich are always looking for people
MattHYeah...'cause those jobs suck...
Elaisokay...almost time for that vigil
MattHWell...I'd say have fun..., but considering the circumstances....
Elaisgonna stay up later?
ElaisI will probalby just make a token appearance and then split
MattHProbably going to be early... I was up at 5:30
Elaisperhaps we can continue chat Friday?
Elaisi want to get my money's worth ;)
MattHYou aren't paying anything...
MattHCYA Friday...
ElaisCYA Friday
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Elaisyou're still here????
MattHForgot to close out the window.
Elaisanyhow, I
ElaisI'm back
MattHI gathered
Elaislit a candle, spoke a few words and there was a song sung
MattHWhat song?
Elaisno clue
ElaisI didn't participate in the singing
ElaisI'm not quite ready to become a full-fledged activist ;)
MattHI hear the lobotomy doesn't hurt that much ;-)
Elaisstill, I am more active than I once was
Elaisat least it gets me out of the apartment every once in a while ;)
MattHMost people would just go to a picnic or something.
Elaishaven't been on a picnic since I was a kid're overdue, then.
Elaisit seems so complicated
Elaisyou have to make the food, get a blanket, find a place to picnic
Elaischeck out the weather reports to see if it will or won't rain that day
MattHGet prepackaged food from the store, blanket from linen closet, go to the closest park in late spring.
MattHOr so I've heard - I haven't been on a picnic in 5 years.
Elaiswhat about ants?
MattHYou do all of the invite work over the phone...ants keep a look out out for postal invitations.
Elaisno uncles allowed?
MattHThey snoop out the e-mail.
Elaisis the latest D&D campaign up?
Elaisoh good
Elaissomething to read tonight
Elaisthat's not fanfiction
MattHBeen reading a lot of fanfiction lately?
Elaissort of
Elaisat a board I post at, there was a fanfiction contest
Elaiswriting a ghost story involving Buffy/Angel characters
ElaisI submitted a story myself and I'm reading some of the other entries
MattHOk - that makes sense.
ElaisI would post the link, but I still haven't figured out how to do it without retyping the URL
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Elaisdid that work? signed off.
ElaisI attempted to post the link in the 'away message' box
MattHIt's allright .... I am backlogged on fanfiction anyway.
ElaisI tell you if I won *g*
MattHE-mail the link to your story.
Elaiswhich might not be for another week or two
Elaisbacklogged in reading it or writing it?
MattHReading - I don't write it.
Elaisany current favorites?
MattHNo BTVS fics. It is all HP fanfiction.
ElaisI meant, any specific story
MattHResonance is especially good...
MattHAvoids a lot of cliches.
MattHThe Doctor and the Enterprise is a crossover fic written in 1982
MattHDr Who/Star Trek crossover
ElaisI read a very good Stargate SG-1/Buffy crossover
Elaisdont' have a link handy, though
MattH is also very good.
MattHI've read a couple of SG-1/BTVS crossovers
Elaisthe on I read was pretty spot on for all the characters
Elaisever been to
MattHInterface sucks
ElaisI'm reading someone recomminding 'Stealing Harry'
MattHHmm...sounds familiar...
MattHI've read it...
MattHIt was pretty good.
Elaisgood thing you email the chats, matt
ElaisI might need to reference those links you put up earlier
MattHI haven't posted in a while...I keep meaning to. I plan to get caught up this weekend, D&D permitting.
MattHAnyway...time for me to be going.
ElaisCYA friday or next week
MattHI can do Friday, but I won't be in right at six.
Elaisthat's okay, given that it is sci-fi Friday
ElaisI'm sure I can distract myself ;)
MattHI'll bet.
MattHCYA Then
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